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The uncertainty of today’s market creates opportunities for buyers and sellers of used vehicles, even junk cars.

If you’re thinking about selling your junk car for cash, it may be a promising time to earn some quick money. Before taking it to the market, however, there are some steps to consider.

First, go through the entire car and filter. Over the years, items inevitably accumulate inside the vehicle. Look under seats, between seats, in glove box, and in every other nook and cranny to see what you uncover. You never know what you might find. It may have nostalgic or even monetary value!

Next, double check that you have the title to the car. You can’t sell your car without it. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for the vehicle until the title is transferred – so having your documents lined up is imperative.

Without the paperwork, any agreement you have with the purchaser will collapse, and you can even be charged to tow or transportation expenses.

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