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Despite the proven danger, texting and driving remain a trend as the number one form of distracted driving.

Text messages from loved ones and friends and other smartphone use can be major sources of distraction. Just a second or two of the driver’s eye on the screen and off the road is a recipe for disaster. Drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash if they text and drive.

When drivers check their phones, they are engaging in three forms of distracting driving: visual, manual (taking hand or hands off the wheel), and cognitive. By themselves, each distraction can be dangerous enough.

Here’s a useful way to use your phone for good on the road. These apps will help you stop texting and driving and develop safer driving practices with technology use.

AT&T DriveMode
Developed by AT&T, DriveMode works on both Android and Apple devices.

The app detects car movement and automatically replies to text messages, alerting the recipient that you are focused on the road.

It’s a great tool for families, as well. The app will inform you if DriveMode has been disabled or if some settings have been changed.

Language preferences allow users to send alerts en Español.

Drivemode Dash
Available for Apple and Android phones, Drivemode simplifies how a phone is used while on the road.

Voice-enabled commands and large buttons let drivers focus on driving.

The simplified interface leaves room for just the essentials: navigation, music, messaging, and Google Assistant.

Both versions of the app are designed to optimize each operating systems’ features so users are comfortable and familiar with what they see.

This app is designed for parents who worry about their kids when they are behind the wheel.

Parents can remotely lock their children’s phone when the car is on the move. The app will unlock once the vehicle comes to a stop.

Several other features can protect younger drivers and bring about peace of mind, such as notification for when the driver has reached the destination.

This app is great for drivers of all ages, helping drivers not to give in to the temptation of checking push notifications.