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What’s the point of buying a vehicle if it’s not reliable?

This year, many well-known vehicles on the market have been upgraded with modern trims. At issue, however, is they are not quite holding up as they have in the past.

Here’s a list of five of the most unreliable vehicles you can purchase in 2020.

  1. Lincoln Nautilus

While stylish, the Lincoln Nautilus has its shortfall in a big category: mechanical.

Consumers have reported critical issues with the transmission that cause clunks and kicks.

  1. Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has raised red flags over its unreliability.

For instance, unhappy consumers have noted transmission failure, engine stalling incidents, and oil leaks.

Alone, any of these issues would be unacceptable.

  1. Dodge Journey

Industry insiders and consumers alike are befuddled that this vehicle is still around. Its history of poor performance over the years is to blame.

Major engine and transmission failure have become a little too common in this vehicle.

  1. Jeep Gladiator

Despite its ability to excite consumers, this off-road pickup truck has its issues.

The vehicle is based on the Wrangler. So it comes as no surprise that it also shares some of its flaws.

Steering, brakes, and engine electronics are just some of the reliability issues on the vehicle’s rap sheet.

  1. Chevrolet Colorado

Unfortunately for the Chevrolet Colorado and its owners, it was crowned by Consumer Reports as the least reliable car.

The list of issues include transmission, in-car electronics, fuel system, and other crucial components.

That should be more than enough to drive people away.

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